About the Run / Walk

On September 18, 2021, thousands of people will gather on the near west side of Cleveland to participate in the historic Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day St. Malachi Church Walk / Run, making it the largest celebration of Irish culture in Cleveland 2021!

The race is brought to you by St. Malachi Parish, a fixture of Cleveland’s near west side for over 150 years. The St. Malachi Parish Mission:  We are a Eucharistic People, United in Prayer, Welcoming to All and Serving the Poor. St. Malachi Church, a Roman Catholic parish located at the corner of West 25th and Washington Avenue, has been serving the marginalized of the near west side of Cleveland, Ohio, for over 150 years.  In addition to providing all the services of a typical Catholic parish, St. Malachi provides over $100,000 of ministries to the needy of the area. Additional information about the Church, along with descriptions of its ministries and outreach programs, can be found at the parish website: www.stmalachi.org

Golden Shamrock Club

The Golden Shamrock Club is an elite group of runners/walkers who have participated in at least twenty St. Malachi Church Runs over the years.

Founded in 2020, when the Run celebrated its 40th anniversary, this group consists of almost 100 participants.  Golden Shamrock Club members have been an important part of the continued success of this event.  In the coming years we expect this group to grow as we welcome new members each year.

Leading the charge of this group is the founder of the race, John Rehak, who is pictured above.  He has been present and participated in each of the first 40 years.

To become a member of this club you will need to answer the question when you register online – “Have you participated in at least 20 years of the St Malachi Church Run?

We would like to thank these members for their continued strong support over the years!

You can follow the Golden Shamrock Club on its Facebook page: Learn More

Meet the Team

A 29 year parishioner, 2021 is the 4th year as Race Director. After moving to Cleveland I searched for a Church to meet my spiritual needs. The first Sunday I attended Mass at St. Malachi, I saw a bumper sticker that said “Why Be Normal?”. I immediately knew I had found my new spiritual home! The Run is a blessing that God has dropped in my lap. It is the parish’s largest fundraiser, but it is so much more! It is an opportunity to encounter God and do God’s work. I realize that may sound a little strange (and deep!), so let me explain. I encounter God in the many people that volunteer for the event and in so many people in the running community. Runners are really special people! Pushing yourself to do an activity that is so hard builds character. I find that runners have great compassion for others, which is why so many races support important causes. I am blessed to be part of the CLE running community and to have met God through so many of you!
I have been a member of St. Malachi’s for a total of 30 years. I was married there, my three daughters and all my grand-kids where baptized there, and husband buried there. It is my home and community. I love walking, but my primary activity is swimming and water jogging. I have been involved in the Run in some capacity for several years, but as the Co-Chair of volunteers and campus ambassadors for the past tree years. I do this because it is such a fun event and such a major financial support for the ministries of our parish. (And to be totally honest, because my good friends are part of this team!) What a wonderful way to involve the community, promote what we do, and have so much fun in the process! And I am always hopeful it may entice some to join us on a regular basis in prayer and service. I am so grateful to all the runners who come out to join us.
The ministries of serving the people, who suffer from homelessness, poverty, mental illness and hunger are what brought me to St. Malachi 31 years ago. I became involved in the Run when it became apparent that the Parish needed more financial help to sustain its ministries. It is our largest fundraiser. I am the Volunteer Co-Chair, which is a fun and energizing opportunity. An avid walker myself, a huge bonus in my involvement in the Run has been to get to know the CLE running community, which have been so supportive. It is also inspiring and delightful to work with others on the Run team who are so dedicated to our Parish and ministries. St. Malachi’s is a special community that seeks to bring the Gospel to life in our world today. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that!?
I have been a very active member of St. Malachi’s for 51 years, time really does fly!!! Malachi Parish has become more than my worshiping community; the members have become special friends! I am the chair of the Fundraising Commission of which the Run Committee is a part. The Run, which will celebrate its 41st anniversary, is not only a profitable Run, it is a bunch of work and fun. I enjoy the buzz that morning as the runners are registering getting ready to participate and to see all the different ways they are decorated with special costumes. What I love most is that our mission is responding to the needs of the poor and the homeless. Prayerfully, this is my ministry being a part of all that happens at St. Malachi!

“St Malachi Church Run featured on Fox 8 News” For even more videos go to Fox 8 News!

Live Entertainment

Our St. Malachi Church Run live entertainment is a buoyant way to give athletes some “Luck o’ the Irish” at the finish line.  When September 18th rolls around, be ready to make up for the cancelled St. Patrick’s Day celebrations of 2020 and 2021 by joining the biggest celebration of Irish culture in the CLE this year!  You don’t need to be Irish to get in the spirit with some fun festive entertainment of Irish dancers, bag pipes, local bands and a DJ!